Ryan & Peter Chapter 2

Grinding up on the couch, Ryan and Peter pick up where they left off. The young studs can’t get enough of each other’s hot bodies and sexual chemistry! Cascading kisses warm their flesh, drawing out each other’s desire and desperation to be closer. They strip down, piece by piece, inviting the other to caress and covet. Peter kisses Ryan’s neck, moving down to his chest, feeling his heart race from deep within. Ryan grabs at his lover’s hair, wanting to feel even more connected — more his!

Peter moves to his cock, sucking it and swallowing it down his throat. He feels its hard warmth on his tongue. Peter flips Ryan up on his back, lifting his legs and devouring his ass. The soft, furry hole is everything to this scruffy young man! He wastes no time teasing it with his fingers, warming it up for his engorged manhood. And with a delicate push, he brings himself deep inside Ryan, bringing them back together once more…

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